Blog: Interview with Ken Miller

Interview with Ken Miller

Ken Miller creates art puzzles.  He has such a strong sense of composition, fluidity and graphic design that his technique is a crossover of representational art and the pop art style that art aficionados salivate over.

Self-taught, Ken’s work is stylish in an upbeat way that makes the viewer do a double take. His paintings compliment any interior or style of architecture from French, English and Italian to modern farmhouse or clean-lined contemporary.

For Ken, creating a piece of art comes easily because of its puzzle-like composition.  He imagines, then creates, then studies, then compares complementary shapes and colors until that piece is complete in a masterful way. He’s versatile in subject matter, a skill he’s developed from traveling all over the world, observing cultures, people and vistas from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

Ken was born in Huntsville, Alabama; but his formative years were spent in New England.  He is the son of a dedicated military minded mother, and a rocket scientist father.  If it weren’t for Ken’s father, Neal Armstrong would have never uttered the words, “ one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  Phillip C. Miller, invented a low temperature aluminum alloy for space vehicle use at cryogenic temperatures.  He is basically responsible for the ability and success of space travel.

Ken studied at the School of Visual Arts, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.  He was the assistant photographer to the legendary fashion photographer, Ken Haak.  It was through modeling and photography that Ken met the very handsome Ken Detelich, a former high fashion and Ralph Lauren model.  They’ve been together for thirty-six years, and married in Palm Springs in 2008.   Ken also authored and photographed a coffee table book, entitled “The Hamptons” that was published by Rizzoli in 1996.

In each piece of art, Ken seeks to establish that “ah ha moment”, perhaps a sense of déjà vu with that piece that results in joy, peace and happiness.  Ken enters uncharted territories to bring forth art that speaks to soul in a quiet way that is Buddhist in nature. He combines a path to the art that has philosophical reasoning.  Ken’s background in modeling and high style fashion photography has made him comfortable in eliminating all sense of pretense in his art to only show what’s really beneath it all, a kind of magic that illuminates an unseen fast track to the heart of his art.

Ken Miller is represented in Houston by Jack Meier Galleries located at 2310 Bissonet Street, 77005, and in the Hamptons by MM Fine Art, 44 Main Street, South Hampton, New York 11968.

He can be reached at 631-259-2274.

Interviewed and written by interior designer, Mary Lynn Mabray, ASID.  713-203-4047